From Good to Amazing

By: Temple Hayes
Raised in South Carolina and born to question everything, including her sexual identity, Temple Hayes turned to spirit to pull her from the car wrecks of abuse and alcohol addiction. Today, as a new thought global leader, she’s showing others how to be exactly who they are and live the life their hearts desire.

Come True

One day a teacher asked her first graders, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and she...

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Sacred Symbols

A few years ago I asked what tool or symbol I needed to become more grounded. I went on a...

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Mystic Misfit

I have owned Yorkshire terriers (Yorkies) for almost twenty years—I love the breed and the dogs’ personalities, and they are...

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Peace on Earth

Image from YouTube: Temple Hayes with Dr. Arun Gandhi On the morning of the deadliest mass shooting in modern history,...

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Happy Birthday, Real Me

“Happy birthday, real you” gets you into the mindset of the values and promises you continue to make to yourself and others every year of this amazing journey we call life.

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Growing Balance

Jamey Kowalski says yoga saved his life. He now helps others grow their own life balance as the key to success in addiction recovery. Listen to my conversation with him.

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