May 31, 2020

The Lists – Faith-Based

Where To Go When You Need Support

The resources on this list will help you take the first steps toward treating your chemical dependencies, modify your use of alcohol, other drugs, or any other addictions and hang-ups – all while keeping your faith in mind. Recognizing that you need to do something is the first step toward a more fulfilling life and we urge you to look into these alternatives.

Alcoholics for Christ
AC is an inter-denominational, nonprofit, Christian fellowship that ministers to three groups:
alcoholics or substance abusers, family members — those who relate regularly with an alcoholic or substance abuser — and adult children,  individuals who were raised in alcoholic, substance abuse or dysfunctional families.

Alcoholics Victorious
AV offers a “safe environment for recovering people who recognize Jesus Christ as their Higher Power.

Buddhist Recovery Network
The Buddhist Recovery Network supports the use of Buddhist teachings, traditions and practices to help people recover from the suffering caused by addictive behaviors.

Celebrate Recovery
Celebrate Recovery is part of Saddleback Church and has eight recovery principles based on the beatitudes. It provides peer support and service ministry within a Christ-centered, Bible-based recovery program.

JACS – Jewish Community Services
The JACS encourages and assists Jewish alcoholics, chemically dependent persons and their families, friends and associates to explore recovery in a nurturing Jewish environment.

Millati Islami World Services
Millati Islami is a fellowship of men and women, joined together on the “Path of Peace.” They share experiences, strengths, and hopes while recovering from active addiction to mind and mood altering substances.  The fellowship seeks to integrate the treatment requirements of both Al-Islam and the Twelve Step approach to recovery in one simultaneous program.

Overcomers Outreach
Overcomers Outreach is an international network of Christ-centered Twelve Step support groups which ministers to individuals, their families and loved ones who suffer from the consequences of any addictive behavior.

The Calix Society
The Calix Society is an association of Catholic alcoholics who are maintaining their sobriety through affiliation with and participation in the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.