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6 Ways to Avoid Relapse and Maintain Sobriety

Avoiding a relapse requires constant vigilance, ongoing rehabilitation, and hard work throughout an entire lifetime. Here are some great ways to avoid a relapse after addiction recovery.

Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan talks addiction, anxiety and his first panic attack

"Suddenly I couldn’t breathe, and I was sweating in the shower. And I remember just pushing the shower door open, crawling out on the floor, putting a towel on and yelling for my mom,"

Intervening in Recovery. A Conversation with Earl Hightower

He made a career out of standing up to addicts and helping get them the help they need. He is speaking up for what he knows works.


Many people struggle with sleep at some point in their lives, whether it is going to sleep at a decent hour, staying asleep until it is time to wake up, disturbed sleep, nightmares, night terrors or sleep walking.

I Hate the Word ‘Enable’: Getting Blamed & Shamed When You Have a Child with Addiction

When you seem to be receiving blame and shame from every angle, it would be a welcome respite to talk to another parent who has been there.

Working Strategies: Gifts of Recovery in the workplace – what those in recovery can model for others

If you’re in recovery from an addiction, you’ve learned hard-won lessons — sometimes over and over.

Connecting the Dots: Past Experience and Addiction

Identifying and acknowledging the role life events play in addiction is often the first step to healing. Those willing to bravely face where they have come from are best positioned to for long-term, successful recovery.

How to prepare when recovery comes home… Addiction is a disease and it’s the family’s disease as much as it is the addict’s.

In early recovery… honesty and tolerance are essential as family members begin to communicate hurts and truths hidden beneath the addictive system.

Talking to your kids about addiction can be daunting—Straight Talk author Claudia Black offers advice for getting it right.

Talking to kids about addiction can be difficult—but experts agree it is important.

Rebuilding trust in the family begins by trusting that you are worth taking care of.

I used to wonder why I had to come up with positives when my daughter hadn’t yet apologized for all the negatives she’d put me through. I needed to take the lead in changing first.

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