May 31, 2020

Answering Tough Addiction Questions

At Renew, we know how isolating and just plain scary addiction and recovery can be. Through our own recovery experiences, we also know that successful transition to “real world” sobriety requires a strong network of support. Here are some guides to those tough questions you may be grappling with.

(Really) understanding addiction. What it is and why you’ve got it.

>What should I ask before entering treatment?
The National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests five questions that everyone should ask before entering or while searching for a treatment program.

>How do I bring up treatment with a loved one?
Perhaps one of the most caring, yet difficult things you can do is approach a loved one about a possible addiction or abuse of substances.

>What should I expect from an intervention?
A question often raised when families seek help is, “When is the right time to call an interventionist?”

>5 things you need to know before rehab.
Start your search by considering these five things, and you’ll be on your way to finding the treatment program that works best for you.

>How do I set healthy boundaries?
Boundaries are often distorted by addiction. Here’s how to set them straight

> How do I find the right recovery meeting?
If you’ve struggled to find the right support-group meeting, you’re not alone.

> How do I know my rights in recovery?
Federal and state laws protect from discrimination individuals who have substance use disorders, including those in treatment and many who are in recovery. That’s the good news. The bad news? Understanding who is covered and what these laws protect can be confusing at best.

> How can I recognize the signs of a loved one’s relapse?
Here’s how to cope when someone you care about verges on relapse

> What’s are the recovery method options for my adolescent? talks to experts from four adolescent recovery support networks: a phased reintegration program, an outdoor behavioral healthcare provider, a Twelve Step fellowship and a recovery high school.