Sobriety Junkie

By: Greg Kayko

Greg Kayko is the single father of two young children, the sponsor of half a dozen (or so) men in the Midwest, and an avid but painfully average golfer. A self-described sobriety junkie, Kayko is also a managing editor at a large national media company and author of Realtime Recovery: Where Sober is the New Black, a personal blog that celebrates the many ways we “trudge the Road of Happy Destiny.”

Teach Him How to Drink

Some parents send their kids to college to learn that drinking alcohol was a privilege—and not a right to be abused. This was, of course, a novel concept to my Polish-American, Catholic, working-class father, and, at the time, a pathetically silly concept to me. It would, of course, prove to be a moment of hyperbolic genius and a lesson neither of us would learn soon enough.

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The Absence of Hope

Ask yourself, “If I use again today, can my life possibly get any better?" In the absence of addiction, there is always hope.

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Love Eternal

“It’s simple, Daddy. I believe love is eternal. If love is eternal, it can only exist in eternity. So, you can’t really know if you love someone until you’re dead.”

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My hope for her

I would guess her in her 40's or 50's at a glance, and, if it were any given weekday morning, I would have guessed her to be on her way in to work. But as I pass by and glance back in my rearview mirror, my somewhat rusty but never completely dormant alcoholic mind kicks in and clarifies everything.

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PAUSE … Sometimes just for a minute … Sometimes for an hour … Sometimes for days … weeks … months...

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Sponsorship: A Sometimes Risky Business

The suggestions I share with the men I sponsor, like the suggestions I receive from my own sponsor, are never construed as proscriptions, much less ultimatums. In the end, we all make our own decisions on how to behave.

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Starbucks K-Cups