Rising from the Ashes

By: Fiona Purcell

Rising from the Ashes chronicles Fiona Purcell’s experiences with recovery. She strives to de-stigmatize addiction by describing her journey as honestly as she knows how in hopes that she can bring about some level of understanding and acceptance.

Freeing The Black Dragon

I know that unchaining my past is essential to healing my spirit, but I did not have the first idea how I would go about doing so.

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Lessons From Liam

My son Liam lived for less than 10 weeks, but in those few short weeks, he showed me that miracles exist and so do superheroes. He showed me that some things just are and need no explanation. He remains my "overall protector" to this day.

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Loving Fiona

I am realizing that in order to ask forgiveness from these people that I love, I must first forgive myself. If I don't forgive myself, then I won't be able to stand in the face of their justifiable anger and resentment.

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Finding Joe

How I went from rejecting spirituality to defining my own unique higher power.

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