Trish Dimaggio-Zander

>By: Trish DiMaggio-Zander

Trish DiMaggio-Zander has been in recovery for over a decade.  A champion for diversity, equity and inclusion, she uses her personal experience to bring awareness and inspire change in the world, particularly around ending the stigma surrounding alcoholism, addiction and mental health.

In Pursuit of the Balanced Life

Boundaries bring us to a balanced life and a balanced life brings us to a feeling of peace. Our Creator wants that and so much more for us. To think we deserve anything less would be to desecrate the beautiful handiwork of God.

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Accept, Act, Awaken

Whatever the present moment contains accept it as if you had chosen it.  Always work with it, not against it”...

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Wounded Healer

For a seed to achieve its greatest expression it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out...

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