I Left My Kids to Go to Rehab and Here's Why I'd Do It Again

Spending 90 days in treatment was not only the best decision I ever made, but one for which my children are grateful.

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“As a recovering addict, I know those pictures live forever”

A photographer who once was addicted to heroin on how to fairly and ethically depict addiction.

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Staying Sober During a Lockdown

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings have moved from musty church basements to laptop screens in quarantine. Do they still work?

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A Time for Spiritual Awakening

We woke up to a different world. One moment everything seemed normal, and the next everything upside down.

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Not Every Porn User Struggles, But Some Do

Today, we live in greater stress than most of us have ever experienced, and many of us are reaching to distractions for comfort and escape.

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I’m an alcoholic mom, but my husband won’t help by not drinking

Focus on giving up drinking on your own – and your husband’s lack of support when you are healthier, says Mariella Frostrup

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Addiction Recovery in the Age of Coronavirus

Quarantining at home comes with its own risk factors for people struggling with substance use disorder.​

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An interview with Michael Bamberger, author of ‘The Second Life of Tiger Woods’

A week before what was supposed to be Woods’ defense at the Masters, Bamberger answered our questions about his new book on the 2019 champion.

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COVID-19 takes toll on those recovering from addiction

Social distancing has forced 12-step meetings to stop and addiction specialists say that can put some at risk for relapse.

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COVID-19 Could be Especially Serious Threat to Those Who Smoke or Vape

This virus attacks the lungs, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

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