September 13, 2013

Another body obsession taking over girls

A new body trend is becoming an online obsession among teenage girls. It's the “thigh gap”and it refers to the space between the thighs. And eating disorder specialist fear it will lead to anorexia and related addictions as girls who simply don't have the body type work to create their own “gap.”

According to a report on, Sanford Health Eating Disorder Specialist, Dr. Kim LaHaise says, “It's virtually impossible for a lot of women to attain. It's like trying to change the size of your head or your shoe size.”
LaHaise says “thigh gap” is not necessary a new concept, but it has exploded on social media recently. It has become something of an obsession for many teenage girls and young women, who post and pin image after image on photo-heavy social media sites like Tumblr and Pinterest.

While some people are born with this kind of bone structure, specialists say most are not. And, some girls and women will go too far to try to achieve it and that could result in serious health risks. 

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