September 10, 2014

Kids from two-parent households less likely to drink

Children living with two college-educated parents are less likely to drink during their teen years, a new study found.

“We know from previous research that early drinking and drug use is linked to social, economic, emotional and behavioral problems including violence, depression and precarious sexual activity,” said lead study author Eusebius Small, an assistant professor in the UT Arlington School of Social Work in Texas. “Addressing these environmental concerns in concert with related individual problems could reduce substance use occurrences among our young people.”

The study found that children living with two college-educated parents are the least likely to use drugs or alcohol. Children living with only one parent are more than 50 percent more likely to drink or do drugs.

“Our study should re-emphasize the direction for practice and policy, for example, examining the elements in the family structure that are deemed protective and can enhance the well-being of children,” Small said.

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