November 4, 2013

‘Wonder Woman’ talks of her biggest battle — with alcoholism

Lynda Carter, more famously known as “Wonder Woman” from 1970s television, opened up about her battle with alcoholism on Sunday night's episode of “Oprah: Where Are They Now?”

Carter shared what happened after her iconic role ended in 1979, and in the 1980s when she gave up her Hollywood career and moved to Washington, D.C.

Carter, now 62, said she began drinking in earnest in her 20s, while involved in an unhappy marriage.

“I would have a drink for the same reason anybody else would,” she said. “As I look back, I seem to be more inebriated than other people. … You think that you're keeping it from everyone. But the people that are around you, they know.”

At the same time she was battling her addiction, her second husband, Robert Altman,   was charged with bank fraud and later found not guilty in 1993.

“It cost us everything we had,” Carter said. “We had to rebuild. Things like that can push you apart, but we got closer.”

After the trial, she chose the path to recovery.

“So he helped me, I helped him,” she said. “He is my knight in shining armor.”


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