March 15, 2013

Palmetto adds pain med addiction programs

RAYVILLE, La. — The Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center announced March 13 that it will offer specialized programs designed to provide support for patients struggling with addiction to prescription pain medications.

Treatment plans will include inpatient stays, outpatient counseling and group sessions that can create a real sense of community for those dealing with addiction issues, clinicians and the center said.

In a written release, the center announced that it also will offer specialized programs for professional individuals coping with prescription drug abuse problems, allowing them to manage their addiction issues in a supportive and caring environment that provides pathways back to health and freedom from substance abuse.

Prescription drug abuse is one of the most critical issues in the addiction treatment community, the release stated. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that as many as 7 million individuals abuse prescription drugs each year in the U.S. Pain relievers are responsible for the majority of these cases, which comprise approximately 5.1 million individuals suffering from addiction to these medications.

Many prescription drug abusers are underage, compounding the problem even more. Vicodin and oxycontin are the most frequently abused pain medication, but almost any narcotic-based prescription pain killer has the potential to be abused by susceptible individuals.

Located on a 70-acre campus in Louisiana, the Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center offers evaluation and treatment services for a wide range of addictive behaviors, including drug abuse, alcoholism and behavioral disorders.

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