December 22, 2014

Origins acquires two Caron Treatment facilities

Origins Behavioral Healthcare will acquire two addiction treatment centers owned and operated by Caron Treatment Centers: Hanley Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. and Gate Lodge in Vero Beach, Fla.

The move will place the care at Hanley Center within reach of those with health insurance.

“Origins is known for providing its clients with the most advanced and evolved treatment methods available today in synergy with a 12-step immersive program,” Origins’ President and Chief Executive Officer Drew Rothermel said in a press release. “Hanley Center is one of the best known names in addiction treatment in the country, so it’s a natural pairing, and one that will greatly expand the treatment services we’re able to provide to those who turn to us for help.”

The timing of the transition is strategic for both Caron and Origins. Origins is looking to expand and serve the major metropolitan areas of the east coast, and Caron is pursuing key strategic initiatives that align with its longer-term vision.


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