May 27, 2020

Obama Addresses Drug Abuse

President Obama spoke about the national epidemic of prescription drug abuse during his weekly address on Saturday, which happened to be National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, saying “it's a challenge we can solve if we work together.”

“More Americans now die every year from drug overdoses than they do in car crashes,” President Obama said. “And most of those deaths aren't due to drugs like cocaine or heroin – but rather prescription drugs.”

During the address, Obama reminded Americans that some of the most dangerous drugs are found right in their homes. 

“Most young people who being misusing prescription drugs don't buy them in some dark alley,” he said. “They get them from the medicine cabinet.”

Obama's administration has pledged $100 million to fight drug addiction, as well as beginning a program to specifically fight heroin addiction.

“All of this takes a terrible toll on too many families, in too many communities, all across the country – big and small, urban and rural,” Obama said. “It strains law enforcement and treatment programs. It costs all of us – in so many ways.” 



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