May 27, 2020

High-End Sober Living expands in L.A.

Epiphany Sober Living & Recovery Services announced this week the expansion into a nearby Beverly Hills neighborhood.

Epiphany House launched its initial West Los Angeles, Calif. sober living in mid-2014, focused on serving men ages 18 and up in early recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism and co-occurring disorders. The facility attributes its growth to its ability to offer a higher level of care while simultaneously charging lower rates than other comparable recovery residences in the area.

“Epiphany Sober Living has set out to completely redefine the concept of merging high-end sober living and transitional recovery housing, within a more comprehensive environment that offers a higher likelihood for attaining quality, long-term sobriety,” says executive director, Brian Bresnan. “In essence, the goal is to offer more while charging less, and much of it is attributable to our highly experienced and committed staff.”

The new Beverly Hills location is situated just shy of two blocks from the West LA residence and offers a similar lineup of sober living and addiction recovery services. The residence includes private and semi-private rooms, individual balconies, fully stocked kitchens and more. Epiphany Sober Living works with a number of licensed treatment service providers and provides transportation to and from appointments.


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