May 27, 2020

Deli serves up second chances

One of the biggest issues facing people who are newly in recovery is finding and keeping a job. But a deli in Nashville is making that a little bit easier for a lucky few.

“The deli was open to hiring people in recovery and with that, we started realizing that more and more of the successful people that are doing really well and growing were people in recovery,” explained Dennis O’Keefe, a general partner at Jason's Deli at West End in Nashville, Tenn.

At Jason's Deli, about 65 percent of the staff and the enitre management team are in recovery, including O'Keefe, who has been sober for six years. The deli hires from local treatment centers, according to a story by Nashville's News 2. There are about 250 Jason's Deli franchise locations, and the West End store is a top performer. 

One local treatment center was applauding the deli's efforts.

“Jason’s Deli is helping set an example to the surrounding businesses in Nashville. The negative stigma surrounding addiction casts a haze over the entire ordeal of recovery- and it cannot be so easily dismissed. A key to successful recovery, and relapse prevention, is for patients to immerse themselves in work,” Drug Rehab Nashville said in a statement. “We have everything to gain by allowing recovering addicts to work without restriction. It’s when we bar their access to the essential necessities to attain a quality life that we doom them and ourselves to continue the cyclical trophe of rehabilitation, relapse, abuse, arrests, and overdose.”

Watch the original story on Jason's Deli here.


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