March 21, 2013

Betty Ford Center intervention training

The Betty Ford Center is offering intervention training and certification presented by Jeff and Debra Jay for clinicians and members of the clergy from June 2-7, 2013.

Interventionists Jeff and Debra Jay authored the bestselling book on drug and alcohol addiction interventions, “Love First.” They provide training, supervision and certification for experienced therapists and clergy who wish to become clinical interventionists.

The five-day course covers every aspect of intervention, including:

  • structured family intervention,
  • executive-style intervention,
  • workplace intervention,
  • invitational-style/process intervention,
  • and other variations.

The goal is to prepare clinicians to individualize the process to meet the needs of family and the addicted person, including dual diagnosis and special populations. Supervision of 3 cases is included following the training.

“This was one of the great training experiences of my professional life,” said Bill Russen, a previous participant and executive director of Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services, Ithaca, N.Y. “I first picked up the book 'Love First' in 2002 and this training was the fullest realization I can imagine of Jeff and Debra’s vision of how 'Love First' becomes the gold standard for professional clinical intervention services in the field of chemical dependency care.”

As part of the training package, participantsl get a private room at Rancho Las Palmas, a luxury spa resort in Rancho Mirage, Calif. Located one mile from Betty Ford Center, Rancho las Palmas is one of the finest private resorts in the area. Breakfast and lunch are included each day. Participants also receive custom curriculum and field materials and supervision of their first three interventions.

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— Tracey Dee Rauh

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