May 27, 2020

58 People Placed in Treatment Through Police Program

Fifty-eight people have entered drug treatment through a program that the Gloucester, Mass. Police Department began nearly two months ago in response to the opiod crisis.

Frustrated with his city's continued drug problem, Gloucester Police Chief Leonard Campanello extended amnesty to addicts, inviting them to voluntarily turn in their drugs and paraphernalia and recieve treatment.

Although the program started slow – no one came in the first day – it quickly picked up steam, and the 58 people all came into the police department within the first 50 days of the program.

For Campanello, the benefits are clear.

“Success stories are starting to come in… our first intake is 48 days sober as we mentioned. A mom and dad came in together to get their son back and are clean now for 32 days, a former CPA is 7 days into treatment and calls us every day,” Campanello told My Fox Boston.

Campanello has since started the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative and is working with other police departments around the country to establish similar program.

“We will work our way up the ladder and do our best to end this for the sake of every family going through this and every family who has lost someone to this horrible disease,” he said.



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