November 7, 2012

WEG Health announces Health Activist Awards: Time to send your nominations

With its 2012 Health Activist Awards, WEG Health seeks to honor those who commit to online health communities.  Nominations are still being accepted.

The Awards honor leaders who made a real difference in how we think about healthcare and living well in 2012.

Check out the awards below and click here to nominate your favorite Health Activists for their best work in 2012.  

Advocating for Another Award
Awarded to someone who raises awareness, speaks out, and advocates for the health condition of someone they love. Nominate your favorite parent or caregiver.

Best Ensemble Cast Award
Awarded to a group who advocates with tireless dedication and wide-reaching impact. Nominate your favorite organization, community, group, or foundation.

Best in Show Awards (Blog, Community, Facebook, Twitter, Vlog) 
Awarded to someone who exemplifies the use of one particular social platform to raise awareness and make connections.  Nominate your favorite blogger, community leader, facebooker, tweeter, or vlogger.

Best Kept Secret Award
Awarded to someone in the online health community who is doing great work but hasn't gotten a lot of attention.  Nominate your favorite hidden gem.

Health Activist Hero Award
Awarded to an inspiring, supportive, and knowledgeable Health Activist who has truly changed people’s lives. Nominate your favorite Health Activist. Health Activist Award
Awarded to the Health Activist who makes you laugh alongside their advocacy.  Nominate your favorite comedian.

Ms/Mr Congeniality Award
Awarded to someone who always has a kind word, a positive note, and a virtual hug. Nominate your favorite community cheerleader.

Paperboy Award
Awarded to the Health Activist who always delivers the latest and greatest health news and research. Nominate your favorite researcher.

Rookie of the Year Award
Awarded to a Health Activist who came on the scene in 2012 but has inspired the entire community. Nominate your favorite newbie.

Silver Stethoscope Award
Awarded to a healthcare professional who utilizes social media, online community, and technology to make the world a better place. Nominate your favorite doc.

Trailblazer Award
Awarded to the Health Activist who is ahead of every curve, excited by new technology, and encourages everyone to join them. Nominate your favorite early adopter.

Unsung Hero Award
Awarded to the member of your community who is always helping, advising, and sharing – but may not know how amazing and valuable they are. Nominate your favorite secret weapon.

Click here to submit a nomination!

WEGO Health is a social network, built from the ground up for community leaders, bloggers and tweeters who are actively involved in health online. It is a free platform for committed health advocates to foster new relationships, gain access to helpful resources, and to grow their communities.

Learn more about WEGO Health here.


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