January 15, 2013

Valued Renew members: We’re going all-digital. Here’s what you need to know

Posted January 2013

We're focusing on more enhanced and interactive content. Here's what current subscribers should know.

Dear Subscriber,

Happy New Year! Here at Renew, we’ve got big plans for 2013. As of this month, we are moving entirely online, making the new Renew 100 percent digital, shareable and interactive.

Read the Winter 2013 issue of RenewWhat does this mean for you?

  •          Lower Cost. Instead of $24.95, you will now receive a full year of Renew for only $15.95. That’s only $3.99 an issue and nearly $10 in savings we’re passing on to you! Plus, as a current subscriber, you’ll also receive access to the complete Renew archives (2 years of content!) and an additional year of Renew free, just for reading.
  •          Better Product. We’re moving to a seasonal schedule, sending you four big issues a year packed with more celebrity interviews, inspirational stories, recovery resources and expert tips than ever before.
  •          Mission-Driven Design. The most noble goal we can have in recovery is to help others who still need to find it. With the new digital format, you can share stories or even entire issues of Renew with friends and family online. Our content will be enriched with interactive features and social media compatibility, making it easy to interact with our recovery community and spread the word to help others in need.

These are big changes and making them wasn’t an easy decision. Ultimately, we wanted to keep costs low and the value high for you, our valued subscribers, while enhancing your recovery experience with Renew.

If you have never accessed Renew Digital before, the email address you initially subscribed to Renew with will act as your username and password for first login. Please change your password following the first login. If you don’t remember your email address or are having trouble, you may inquire at [email protected] or [email protected]. If you've accessed Renew Digital in the past, your original username and password will remain.

CLICK HERE to access Renew digital, and know that you can also access your account from RenewEveryDay.com's homepage.

We believe strongly in the power of change and the need to make Renew a resource for everyone looking for recovery, enjoying it, or supporting a loved one on their journey to health.

Thanks for reading and be well,

The Renew Team

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