April 18, 2012

Urban’s next album may delve into time in treatment

Country music singer and songwriter Keith Urban says he’s finally ready to start exploring some of the feelings and experiences relating to his 2006 spell in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Urban tells The Country Vibe that he’s still in the early stages of his next album, so it can go anywhere artistically, but he feels the freedom to write about things he never did in the past. To date, the country star has been tight-lipped about his rehab and the events leading up to checking himself in.

Even Urban admits that his first album after rehab, Defying Gravity, held no songs that addressed what had happened to him.

“At the time the truth of it was I’d spent three months in treatment, and the kind of treatment where that stuff was being exercised daily in tons of written work, tons of counseling, tons of therapeutic type environments. So, by the time I got out three months later, I felt incredibly clear of so much of that … ,” Urban tells The Country Vibe.

“They didn’t come into the record. I wasn’t interested in them at that point. I was interested in what pulled me through. And that for me at the time was love.”

Things are a little different now. Recently, five-and-half-years after Urban left rehab, he says the experiences are finally starting to creep into his songwriting.

“So, for whatever reason they’re just coming through a little bit more now,” he says. “And I want to explore some of those now. I think it’s been long enough to have a particular perspective on it as well, where again it’s not conscious, the songs are just starting to touch upon some of these things.”

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