August 14, 2012

The struggle to deal with addicted parents do you handle alcohol- or drug-addicted parents?

Immerse yourself in knowledge.

Life for children whose parents are addicted to a chemical substance — no matter their age — causes them to experience a less-than-normal relationship. Children grow up or live in an atmosphere of confusion, fear, rage, resentment and usually end up parenting their parent.  

There are millions of American children, most of them under the age of 18, living with active drug and alcohol addicts. And all of these individuals are at an increased risk of developing their own future addictions.

According to KLEAN Treatment Center, knowledge is the key to help children of drug and alcohol addicts from falling into the same chemical dependency pitfalls. Everyone should know and understand their own vulnerabilities so they don’t fall victim to the disease of addiction.

“They also need to know that addiction is a disease,” KLEAN advises.

With the more knowledge about addiction and recovery, children of addicts can deal with those feelings of resentment and unhappiness with greater ease. It’s common for children to feel like they are the cause of a parent’s addiction, and when they can’t “cure” or control them, the bad feelings grow.

By understanding the disease of addiction, children can better understand that they are not the cause.

KLEAN recommends all children of drug-addicted parents to reach for support in fellowship groups, such as Ala-Teen, Al-Anon or Adult Children of Alcoholics.

For more fellowship groups and resources, click here.

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