September 21, 2012

Steps to keep teens away from the medicine cabinet Friday, Sept. 21, 2012

The Partnership at is on the cusp of launching The Medicine Abuse Project.

The project is a multi-year effort that launches the week of September 23 to 29 and aims to prevent half a million teens from abusing medicines.

According to The Medicine Abuse Project, two-thirds of teens who report abuse of prescription medicine are getting them from friends, family and acquaintances. Here are some steps from the project in an attempt to make sure the teens around you don't have access to your medicine.

Step 1: Monitor

Medicine is usually abundantly available in any home. But if you keep track of how much you have, you’ll have a better take on who’s using what in your household. Start by taking note of how many pills are in each of your prescription bottles or pill packets.

Keep track of your refills. This goes for your own medicine, as well as for your teens and other members of the household. If you find you need to refill your medicine more often than expected, it could indicate a problem.

Step 2: Secure

The Medicine Abuse Project says you should approach securing your prescriptions the same way you would other valuables in your home. Take prescription medicine out of the medicine cabinet and secure them in a place only you know about.

Step 3: Dispose

Safely disposing of expired or unused prescription medicine is a critical step in helping to protect everyone in your home. Take an inventory of all of the medicine in your home. Start by discarding expired or unused Rx  and over the counter medicine when your teens are not home.

Click here for tips on how to dispose of your un-needed medication.

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