December 16, 2014

Social media addiction, substance abuse, linked

Lately there has been a lot of publicity about addictions to technology. Now, a new study has linked heavy social media use with addictive behaviors and substance abuse.

The study, conducted at the University of Albany, concluded that using social media sites like Facebook can be addictive in and of itself, and can also be associated with other impulse control issues, including substance abuse.

The study found that about 10 percent of social media users have disordered use of the websites, and that people who use the sites more heavily are also more likely to report problem with alcohol.

According the researchers, the set-up of social media can lead to frequent use, and perhaps misuse.

“New notifications or the latest content on your newsfeed acts as a reward. Not being able to predict when new content is posted encourages us to check back frequently,” said study author Julia Hormes.


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