June 14, 2013

Running for Recovery: Group logs miles and sober time

Recovering alcoholics and addicts are sneakering up as part of their programs as they participate in Running for Recovery in Sioux Falls, S.D.

Tim Ryan, a marathoner and a member of the group logging miles along with sober time, says a key factor in his success in recovery are the 50 miles a week he runs to keep himself fit, clear his mind and bolster his spirits.   

“It’s become part of the structure of my life now,” Ryan told reporter Kelly Thurman in a report published by the Argus Leader in Sioux Falls.

Ryan and Elizabeth Venrick, an executive assistant with Face It Together national headquarters, hopes the new group will help get more people on the fitness bandwagon in their recovery journey, the report said.

“(The group) is just a way to have a little bit of accountability and also something to look forward to,” Ryan said.

Face It Together is a nonprofit national organization that works for the benefit of people in recovery, to raise awareness about the issue and break down the stigma associated with it.

Phyllis Bauerle, a clinical coordinator for Keystone Recovery Center outpatient services in Sioux Falls, told Thurman that exercise has long been considered an important tool in recovery in a number of ways. While it can’t replace treatments  such as Alcoholics Anonymous or the 12-Step  program, it can be an important supplement.

Not only does it take up time a person might once have used doing addictive behavior, but it is a positive and healthy stress reliever.

“It just makes you feel better about yourself,” she said.




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