October 15, 2012

Rick Springfield tells ‘Dr. Oz’ of his depression, sex addiction

Posted Monday, Oct. 15, 2012

“I never felt I was enough. And it’s still part of my drive.”

 http://reneweveryday.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/66589a.jpgFrom the peak of his career to today, award-winning singer-songwriter Rick Springfield has secretly struggled with severe bouts of depression and addiction, he tells Dr. Oz this week.

During an interview on the “Dr. Oz” show, the TV talk show host — also Dr. Oz — spoke to Springfield, 63, about his secret struggle with depression. The musician talks candidly about his harrowing suicide attempt during his teenage years, addictions to sex and alcohol and infidelity — but also how he's been able to heal.

In Springfield’s memoir, “Late, Late at Night,” he chronicles his depression, which started at a young age, and how his sex addiction has complicated his close relationships throughout his life. In all, Springfield tells Oz that his life has been a series of severe highs and lows.

“I feel worthless. I feel I get no joy out of anything. … I have this kernel of self-loathing,” Springfield says of his extreme lows in depression.

He says that most know him for his up-beat hits, such as “Jessie’s Girl,” but the driving force behind creating such songs were his feelings of unhappiness and inadequacy.

“I never felt I was enough. And it’s still part of my drive.” Now, Springfield says he channels his depression into his writing, using his sense of humor and meditating regularly.

“Oh, and hugging a dog. It’s like Prozac on four legs,” he quips.  

Springfield took time off from his career in the 90s and entered therapy for his depression and sex addiction, which had led to Springfield cheating on his wife. He explains that he didn’t just search for sex for the sex; he used sex as a coping mechanism for his severe depression, just as he also turned to alcohol. Springfield says that while sex is a great coping mechanism, it’s ultimately a “dead end.”

“It’s like taking drugs. You’re doing this to combat something you need to address internally.”

You can watch the entire Dr. Oz video interview here.


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