July 23, 2012

Renew readers sound off on favorite addiction recovery flicks

 http://reneweveryday.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/9d9dc96a937a4a9d83412e3890d9913c1.jpgWhat’s your favorite movie dealing with addiction and recovery? That’s the question we posed to Renew readers and it didn’t take long to hear responses.

Everyone has that one movie that inspires them in their recovery, reminds them of their tough times or is just simply an enjoyable film. Here are the most popular addiction and recovery movies as selected by our Renew readership:

“When A Man Loves A Woman” – 1994

“When he tried to help, I told him that he made me feel small and worthless. But nobody makes us feel that, we do that for ourselves. I shut him out because I knew if he ever really saw who I was inside, that he wouldn't love me. And we're separated now, he's moved away, and it was so hard not to beg him to stay. And I don't know if I'm going to get a second chance but I have to believe. That I deserve one. Because we all do.”

“28 Days” – 2000

“There's a time when you can share and you hold hands and be on the same path. But there's always a fork in the road … at some point. And sometimes you have to go on one part of the fork and they gotta go on the other part of the fork.”

“Rachel Getting Married” – 2008

“And sometimes I don't want to believe in a God that could forgive me. But I do want to be sober. I'm alive and I'm present and there's nothing controlling me. If I hurt someone, I hurt someone. I can apologize, and they can forgive me … or not. But I can change.”

“The Lost Weekend” – 1945

“We're both trying, Don. You're trying not to drink, and I'm trying not to love you.”

“The Basketball Diaries” – 1995

“First, it's a Saturday night thing when you feel cool like a gangster or a rockstar- just something to kill the boredom, you know? They call it a chippie, a small habit. It feels so good, you start doing it on Tuesdays … then Thursdays … then it's got you. Every wise ass punk on the block says it won't happen to them, but it does.”

“Requiem for a Dream” – 2000

“How come you know more about medicine than a doctor?”

“Believe me, Ma: I know.”

“Clean and Sober” – 1988

“I woke up one morning, and when I looked in the mirror I noticed my nose was bent over entirely onto one side of my face. So, I got a hammer, and started banging my nose back to a right angle with my face. Suddenly, I looked at myself in the mirror, hammer in hand, blood streaming down my chin, and I realized my life was no longer manageable.”

“Less Than Zero” – 1987

“I mean, come on. Can't you tell when I'm telling the truth?”

“No. Trust was the first thing you ruined.”

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