March 19, 2012

Recovery on the go? Here are some of the best mobile apps to stay connected

For many adults of the 21stcentury, smart phones or tablets have become an extension of their hands. They keep everyone connected and functioning in a technological world. And while some may decry that evolution socially, in the recovery process they can serve as a convenient and practical tool.

Mobile recovery apps can help users find meetings, receive daily affirmations or inspirations, track recovery progress, contact their sponsor and more. Here is a list of the best affordable (or free) mobile apps on the market.

1 – Hazelden’s Mobile MORE Field Guide to Life

Hazelden's Field Guide to Life app comes in three volumes: “The Basics,” “Owning It” and “The New You!” It’s available on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and Hazeldon is currently evaluating the creation of the application for other common mobile devices and operating systems. In working through each of the volumes, users progress through the stages of recovery over the course of one year. Hazelden designed the app for the entire spectrum of the sober community, from people new to recovery who are just out of treatment to the millions of people who wish to renew their recovery.

A few key features of the three volumes include the following:

Daily guidance: Each day, a new message of guidance and inspiration is delivered in a sequence designed to support the user's stage of recovery, followed by related activities. Weekly video-based challenges: Each challenge is designed to reinforce actions that result in positive change for people in recovery. Tools for tracking personal progress and trends: A sober counter allows individuals to monitor the days, hours, minutes and seconds that they've been in recovery. Users may also monitor their biggest obstacles to successful recovery such as stress, anger or anxiety, as well as motivators such as meditation, honesty and exercise. Relapse prevention and response planner: Users are given the tools to learn about preventing relapse and create personalized relapse prevention and response plans to help them stay on track.

The Mobile MORE Field Guide to Lifeis available for $6.99 in the App Store on iTunes, which will include “The Basics.” The other two volumes may then be purchased for $6.99 each within the app itself. Click here to view a short video of the app in action.

2 & 3 – In the Rooms and Afternoon Affirmations

The In The Rooms app is free and compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It allows users mobile access to their In The Rooms account for on-the-go contact to the community. In The Rooms is a social network for the global recovery community. Users can use their iPhone's GPS to find the closest recovery meetings to wherever they are in the world and “check in.” They can also share photos from their mobile devices with their friends and participate in discussions based on their fellowship, ranging from the steps and traditions, to gratitude and controversy.

Afternoon Affirmations from In The Rooms is also an app available from the App Store in iTunes for free. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The app sends users messages with an affirmation to help calm the soul. There is a new affirmation in the app each day that is sent at 1 p.m., but you can turn the reminder off in the settings if wanted.

4 – iPromises Recovery Companion

The iPromises Recovery Companion app is free and allows users to build a community of support with like-minded peers who understand the joys and the challenges of recovery. The app cantrigger alerts, share meetings, access shared meetings and geo-locate the meetings users are sitting in to add it to meeting lists. Along with keeping a visual journal of your moods, challenges and accomplishments, you can also track your progress and get a daily positive message one day at a time. Friends and sponsors can also be added for contact purposes.

iPromises is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

5 – Steps Away

The Steps Away app is free and locates your current location and directs you to the nearest 12 step recovery meeting. It makes finding a meeting incredibly simple and it is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.


Have a lot of stress throughout the day? The AWARENESS app could help you. It is $3.99 from the iTunes App Store on iPhone platforms and was developed by psychotherapist Ronit Herzfeld. The tool randomly intercepts users’ daily routines and prompts them to get in touch with what they are feeling. This brings them into the present moment. The goal of the app is to break you from the worries of the day, attitudes and behavior through awareness and engaging, inspirational practices.

It includes some of the following: Brief video clips guide you back to the present moment; 400 inspirational quotes tied to what you are feeling; Reveals how you distract yourself from unpleasant feelings and how you can constructively free yourself from them; No advertisements.

For more information about the AWARENESS app, click here. 

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