April 17, 2012

Reaching out to ‘The Addict’s Mom’

Do you have a question for The Addict’s Mom organization founder, Barbara Theodosiou? The mother and mogul has with dealt and is currently still dealing with addiction in her family. In her Renew magazine column “Ask the Addict’s Mom” she welcomes questions from readers. Send questions to [email protected] with “Ask the Addict's Mom” in the subject line.

By Barbara Theodosiou

This column will be a journey through the lives of many families whose lives have been invaded by the destruction of addiction. Although The Addict’s Mom network was created to focus on the mother of addicts, there are so many others who can benefit from the communication amongst family members who have dealt with addiction.

Q: What was your motivation for starting The Addict’s Mom organization?

A:   As the mother of two children who struggle with addiction, I often times felt broken and set apart from the world. I was physically sick and lost in the sadness of their addiction. I was a woman with great personal and professional success. From the outside it would appear as if I had it all. But on the inside I was broken. No, I was shattered into a million pieces. I found myself having to take a pill just so I could sleep. I was no longer the woman I use to be. I had allowed their addictions to control my emotional thoughts and physical health. I had now become the sick one.
Through my brokenness an idea was born, The Addict’s Mom. Deep inside I knew I was not the only mom suffering; I knew there had to be other mothers who were going through the same emotional pain I was. I wanted to create a place for mothers of addicts to come and have the freedom to share their pain without feeling the shame that often comes with having a child that is an addict.

It is my desire to create a sense of community amongst the mothers and families who are suffering, a place where they can support one another in kindness and love and learn from each other. As the mother of two addicts it has taken me four years to realize that I matter, my life has purpose. I didn't have to die inside because my sons were addicts. I am learning that I am important to the other people in my life, my husband and kids. I matter to them, they need me and I need them.  

When we are able to step outside of our personal pain and offer support to others who are suffering as well, AMAZING things can happen!

If your life has been touched by addiction, I hope that you will take this journey with us as we begin to watch the miracle unfold!




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