May 27, 2020

Project Amp: Drug Prevention and Early Intervention by Kids for Kids

Sometimes telling a teenager to “Just say no” isn't enough. For the past year, the Center for Social Innovation collaborated with Young People in Recovery to explore other ways to prevent substance use among young adults. The result is Project Amp: Amplifying Our Futures, a prevention and early intervention model.

What makes Project Amp different than other substance abuse prevention models is that it draws upon the experiences of young adults, age 18 to 28, who are in recovery. The program delivers peer mentorship through four sessions in health care and school-based settings. The young adults discuss goal setting, wellness, stress management, mindfulness and social influences. Instead of sharing horror stories about rock bottoms and close calls, mentors share resiliency strategies with their mentees. The young adults are better equipped to deliver the messages the teenagers need to hear, according to the team who developed the model.

“Learning that reaching out was not a sign of weakness was a pivotal moment and one that I wish I knew as a kid,” shared one Project AMP mentor in an article on YOUTHtoday.



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