May 4, 2016

Partying At the Break of Dawn

by Sara Brown

New York City resident Matthew Brimer was talking with his friends on the current nightlife scene in New York City and how depressing it had become around a year and a half ago.

“Everyone I knew had grown frustrated with nightlife in New York City,” Brimer said. “It was everything we hated; dark, exclusive, negative and escapist.”

Brimer and his crew desired to create community that was inclusive and welcoming. That’s how Daybreaker was formed.

Daybreaker is a morning rave that happens from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. that is also 100 percent sober.

When people think rave they don’t necessarily think sober and morning, which is exactly the point.

“This allows people to be better versions of themselves,” Brimer, co-founder, said.

A typical Daybreaker event will have around 400 people dancing to some of hottest DJs in the music scene, spinning fresh beats that get everyone’s adrenaline going. Attendees can enjoy some coffee or fruit-infused water. At Daybreaker parties, a new act comes on every ten minutes or so to keep people engaged. They are held about three times a month in New York City, and are taking off around the country.

Brimer said he particularly enjoys the fact the events are held in the morning.

“Everyone considers morning to be the most boring and routine part of their day. However, it’s not. They are filled potential,” he said.

Daybreaker’s slogan is “a morning movement that will start your day off unlike anything else.”

However, it didn’t start off like that.

The first event had about only 150 attendees.

“It just shows how much we have grown in such little time,” Brimer said. “It’s become a global movement. It’s amazing. I never thought it would have caught on like this.”

Daybreaker events are usually held in clubs or boats. They recently had a party where 1200 people partied on a yacht cruising around New York City Harbor.

But Daybreaker isn’t confined to the Big Apple. The organization now has events all over the world. They are in Los Angeles, Tel Aviv and Paris to name a few. They were recently in Austin, Texas for the popular South by Southwest festival.

In fact, Daybreaker has kicked off a global sober morning dance party trend.

            When Annie Fabricant went to a Morning Gloryville event in London, she knew she had to bring the idea back to New York City. The organization started in London in 2013 and was brought to the States in 2014.

Morning Gloryville is a lot like Day Breaker. It’s a sober dance party in the morning where attendees can enjoy a freshly made smoothie or a massage. They can also partake in a yoga class or a Tarot card reading.

Morning Gloryville likes to find venues that are open and filled with natural light.

“When I went to the one in London, I was overwhelmed by the energy. I had never connected to so many people so easily like that before. I knew I had to bring to New York City. I knew it would work well here. There are so many open minded people here,” Fabricant said.

When an attendee walks into a Morning Gloryville party, they are greeted with a hug and given a flower leis.

The energy to these sober morning dance parties is why people keep coming back, according to Fabricant and Brimer.

“I have never seen so many people who are dancing and smiling,” Brimer said. “It’s an incredible vibe. People always come up and tell me they are so inspired to start their day after coming to one of our events.”

Fabricant agreed.

“You will never find a more welcoming place,” she said. “Most people think they will only go to one event for the novelty aspect of it all. Afterwards, many people will come up to me saying they can’t wait to come to more events.”

… Read the rest of this story in the summer issue of Renew.



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