October 4, 2012

Oxygen network takes on shopping addiction in new docu-series

Posted Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012

 http://reneweveryday.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/75945e7ccd2c498796941c35837910ba1.jpgLater in October, Oxygen will launch its new docu-series “My Shopping Addiction,” which provides an inside look into the lives of young people facing a crisis due to a dangerous addiction to shopping.

Debuting Monday, Oct. 15, at 11 p.m. ET/PT, “My Shopping Addiction” will give viewers an inside look at what happens when shopping obsession turns to finances and lives spiraling out of control. Episodes follow two different shopping addicts that will be forced to face their problem head on with the help of a clinical psychologist who will guide them on the road to recovery.

In correlation with the shows premiere, the Oxygen network also completed their own shopping addiction survey, conducted by Research Now, which found that a third of U.S. adults say they know someone who is addicted to shopping.

“Lots of people like shopping and buying things because it’s pleasurable and rewarding,” said Dr. David Tolin, a licensed psychologist and addiction expert who is featured “My Shopping Addiction.”

“That’s fine, but much of the time getting through life successfully means being able to delay gratification – to balance your desire for that reward with the realities of life. People who have shopping addictions have lost their balance in that respect. They can’t say ‘no’ to the desire for immediate gratification and they let the rest of their lives fall apart.”

The Oxygen survey also found that 60 percent of people say that they “love shopping and buying things.” Adults’ spending habits that were revealed include:

• 68 percent have bought something strictly because it was cheap
• 58 percent have bought something expensive they didn’t need
• 48 percent have bought something and when they got home, weren’t sure why they bought it
• 38 percent have hidden a purchase from friends or family
• 36 percent have bought something expensive they’ve never used

Click here to learn more about Oxygen’s survey and the upcoming docu-series “My Shopping Addiction.”

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