May 27, 2020

Oxycontin and Vicodin ‘Script Could Increase Teen Risk of Addiction

By Mary Sauer

For many teenagers, a prescription for Oxycontin or Vicodin is their first experience with opioid painkillers, and those with no experience are the most likely to be impacted by the introduction of an addictive painkiller as a prescription, says recent study by the University of Michigan. In their analysis of data collected from the Monitoring the Future Study, opioid painkiller prescriptions increase the likelihood of addiction before the age of 23 in 33 percent of teenagers who were prescribed an opioid painkiller.
After a recent approval of Oxycontin for children between the ages of 11 and 16, researchers at the University of Michigan are especially concerned by the results of their study. 
In light of these findings, researchers believe doctors should recommend non-opioid painkillers instead of opioid painkillers whenever possible. Parents who are worried about the possibility foofr addiction in their teenagers can also ask their doctor if alternative options exist.

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