February 29, 2012

One in six surgeons struggle with alcohol abuse

A recent U.S. study published in the Archives of Surgery found that roughly 15 percent of surgeons have alcohol abuse or dependency problems. That rate is a tad higher than the general population, Reuters reported.

In a recent article published by Reuters, it was found that not only do surgeons have more alcohol issues — according to the study — but 45 percent were more likely to admit that they had made a major medical error in the past three months.

The published study did not attempt to determine the cause of the 15 percent of surgeons showing struggles with alcohol. It did note, however, that those struggling were also reporting depression and burnout, too.

Information for the study was gathered by surveys sent to more than 25,000 surgeons. They were asked questions about their work, lifestyle and mood, and some were used to screen for alcohol abuse or dependency. About 7,200 responded to the survey.

Other non-related studies have suggested that of the general population, about 9 percent of individuals struggle with alcohol abuse and dependency problems.

To read the full Reuters article, click here.

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