December 9, 2013

Nurofen Plus to get addiction warning label

Nurofen Plus packets will soon be plastered with warning labels in an attempt to stop customers accidentally getting hooked on the tablets.


Last week pharmacists were told they would be given stickers to attach to all over-the-counter codeine painkillers, before the packaging is permanently updated next year.


Experts have labelled ibuprofen-codeine pill addiction a “hidden epidemic',' with reports of people gorging up to 100 tablets every day.


But not all manufacturers are adopting the initiative, according to published reports. The decision by Nurofen Plus producer Reckitt Benckiser is voluntary and the Therapeutic Goods Administration has no plans to force labelling changes in 2014.


The new labels will warn customers that codeine painkillers should only be used for three days at a time and that codeine can cause addiction.

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