March 22, 2012

Not derailing during spring break

“Spring break is a holiday defined by drinking,” Richard Reich, a researcher at the institute and assistant professor of psychology at USF Sarasota-Manatee, told the Bradenton Herald during a recent interview.

We’re knee-deep in Spring Break season and for some that means vacation, sun, beaches and for those that follow the trends of alcohol, seeing substantial peaks in consumption.

Studies have shown that alcohol use in college students peaks around the holidays, such as Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, but the largest is the week of Spring Break.

But the unrestricted drinking is not only limited to those distinct vacation days. According to Join Together at The Partnership at, blackouts due to alcohol binge drinking throughout the entire year in college costs the average large university around half a million dollars.

Studies show roughly 50 percent of college students who drink report alcohol-induced blackouts. And according to a 2011 finding, the more blackouts a person has while drinking, the more likely they will have future accidents related to drinking.

The full article on college binge drinking from Join Together can be read here.

Many college-aged individuals are lulled into a false sense of security that binge drinking is a normal behavior, an Emergency Room physician also told the Bradenton Herald. It’s not because of an array of reasons, like our bodies cannot metabolize alcohol at the speed it is ingested during binge drinking.

To read more of the Bradenton Herald article and for tips to keep safe during Spring Break, click here.



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