May 27, 2020

New Research About Shopping Addiction

Addicted to shopping? A group of researchers has developed a new and unique method to measure shopping addiction: The Bergen Shopping Addiction Scale.

By Mary Sauer
Using the same elements relied on for diagnosis of other addiction, the University of Bergen (UiB) has created a new method for measuring shopping addiction. The Bergen Shopping Addiction Scale is based on research that shows the symptoms typically related with symptoms of drug addiction, alcoholism and other addictions are also present as symptoms of a shopping addiction.
Seven criteria were created for the scale based on research by Cecilie Schou Andreassen, who is leading the shopping addiction project by the University of Bergen.
“Addictive shopping clearly occurs more regularly amongst certain demographic groups,” Andreassen says. “It is more predominant in women and is typically initiated in late adolescence and emerging adulthood, and it appears to decrease with age.”
The questions present in this scale relate to how frequently individuals think about shopping, the effect shopping has on the individual's mood and the impact their shopping habit has had on their life. The Bergen Shopping Addiction Scale has the potential to simplify and streamline the diagnosis of a shopping addiction in individuals who have concerns about their spending habits.

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