February 14, 2012

New Hazelden app puts recovery support where you need it

If you’re looking for recovery support on the go, check out Hazelden’s new Mobile MORE Field Guide to Life, now available from App Store in iTunes.

The app, currently available on Apple’s iPhone platform, “creates a supportive bridge between a recovering addict's treatment and the challenges of the world outside of addiction treatment,” says Nick Motu, Hazelden vice president and COO.

Hazelden's Field Guide to Life app comes in three volumes: “The Basics,” “Owning It” and “The New You!” In working through each of the volumes, users progress through the stages of recovery over the course of one year. Hazelden designed the app for the entire spectrum of the sober community, from people new to recovery who are just out of treatment to the millions of people who wish to renew their recovery.

Motu says the app grew out of Hazelden’s desire to bring its successful web-based MORE (My Ongoing Recover Experience) program, previously available only to people who had gone through treatment at Hazelden, to the wider recovering community.

“The longer you can engage with somebody after the point of abstinence in treatment, the more apt they are not to relapse,” Motu says.

The web-based MORE program was a content rich, interactive web-based product for patients only. It ran for 16 months after patients left and allowed them to chart their own progress based on input from the clinical staff at Hazelden.

“We saw tremendous positive outcomes related to people who stuck to the program after they left treatment here,” Motu says. “Relapse rates dropped, and positive outcomes increased from the low 50s to the low 80s for people who engaged in the program.”

Buoyed by the success of MORE, Motu said Hazelden immediately put together a small entrepreneurial team tasked with bringing the program to the wider recovering population.

“It was like our own little Skunk Works,” Motu says.

“We quickly saw that the world was going mobile, and we felt that was where we needed to be with this product,” Motu says.

Motu says each volume of Hazelden'sField Guide to Life is rich with content and functions based on current brain research and best practices in supporting sobriety and evolving recovery, including:

Daily Guidance and Inspiration: Each day, a new message of guidance and inspiration is delivered in a sequence designed to support the user's stage of recovery, followed by related activities.  Users can share their daily message with a friend and mark their favorites with a note.

  • Weekly Video-Based Challenges: Each challenge is designed to reinforce actions that result in positive change for people in recovery. The challenges are delivered via pop-up notifications that lead to a video launching the activity. Individuals can check off each challenge as they are completed. Videos feature a variety of people in recovery, including recovery advocate William Cope Moyers.
  • Tools for Tracking Personal Progress and Trends: A sober counter allows individuals to monitor the days, hours, minutes and seconds that they've been in recovery. Users may also monitor their biggest obstacles to successful recovery such as stress, anger or anxiety, as well as motivators such as meditation, honesty and exercise. A cumulative view reveals the biggest threats to the individual's recovery and the strategies that they most often choose to overcome them.
  • Community Support System and Meeting Finder: Users may designate key supporters to be alerted via call or text with one touch of the “Get Help Now” button. The meeting finder function offers one-touch access to easily locate the nearest Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.
  • Relapse Prevention and Response Planner: Users are given the tools to learn about preventing relapse and create personalized relapse prevention and response plans to help them stay on track.

Each volume in the app's trilogy concludes with a message of congratulations and a direct link to purchase the next app in the sequence. 

The Mobile MORE Field Guide to Life is available for $6.99 in the App Store on iTunes beginning January 23. Search for Hazelden in the App Store and download the Mobile MORE Field Guide to Life, which will include “The Basics.” The other two volumes may then be purchased for $6.99 each within the app itself. Click here to view a short video of the app in action.

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