May 27, 2020

New FBI Doc Shows Dangers of Drug Use

Chasing the Dragon, a new documentary produced at the directive of FBI Director James Comey, aims to show teenagers the dangers of abusing prescription painkillers, such as Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet.

The film tells the stories of overdose survivors: an Eagle Scout, a cheerleader, a corporate account executive. 

“This epidemic does not discriminate,” Comey said to The Washington Post.

In recent years, the FBI has seen an increase in the number of deaths from heroin, a cheaper alternative to prescription drugs. The documentary's title is a slang term for heroin use.

The FBI hopes this film serves as a wake-up call for young people. In addition to meeting with educators and school district administrators, FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration officials are distributing copies of the video to schools around the nation for educational use.

“This film may be difficult to watch, but we hope it educates our students and young adults about the tragic consequences that come with abusing these drugs and that it will cause people to think twice before becoming its next victim,” Comey said to The Washington Post. 

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