March 8, 2012

National Association for Children of Alcoholics president to retire

Sis Wegner, president and CEO of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACoA) has announced she plans to retire later this year. She has been with the organization for 20 years.

Until Wegner steps down, she will be focusing on program initiatives and NACoA’s 2013 thirtieth anniversary year. According to a press release, she has also requested that the NACoA's Board of Directors develop a transition plan and the search for a new CEO.

 “Through Sis Wenger’s leadership,lives of millions have been helped – here and abroad,” Dr. Faye Calhoun, NACoA Board Chair, said in a media release. “She has been instrumental in establishing NACoA as the unequivocal voice for children and families impacted by alcohol and drug use problems and the champion for their support, resilience and recovery. …”  

During Wenger’s time with NACoA, the organization launched initiatives with leaders of faith, education, social work and primary care health fields. But Wenger noted in her absence there is more she believes the organization needs to do.

“While there is much to celebrate about the subtle but deep inroads NACoA has made into the many systems that impact children’s lives, too many still suffer needlessly because individuals who should be concerned and in positions to intervene and support them choose not to do so,” Wenger says. “The work ahead continues to be critical – for the impacted children, their families, their schools, their friends and their neighbors. It is fortunate that there are so many extraordinary, passionate and diverse minds and hearts on NACoA’s Board of Directors and among its large cadre of advisors and program experts. …”

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