July 20, 2012

Mike Tyson says ‘The Hangover’ guided him toward sobriety

http://www.reneweveryday.com/assets/1/7/c4455123068f44749ca0c71ec9c23d991.jpgMike Tyson, former boxing heavyweight champ, says it was his 2009 role in the movie “The Hangover,” that helped him get his life back on track and work on his sobriety.

According to an ABC News reports, Tyson, 46, opened up about his troubled past with substance abuse in an interview with “Nightline” anchor Terry Moran. In the interview, Tyson explains how working on the 2009 film about a night of drunkenness in Las Vegas led him to turn his life around.

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Tyson, who has been through three different stints in rehab, said he was struggling with his substance abuse issues even while “The Hangover” was filming. After it came out, he said one day he was swarmed by a tour group full of kids, who hugged him and asked him all sorts of questions about his cameo in the film.

The adoration from younger fans changed him, he says, which makes him very appreciative.

“That was some good stuff,” he tells Moran on “Nightline.”

Tyson adds that while he’s not perfect, his life is in a better place. But he must continue to work on his sobriety every day.

“I’m just constantly working on turning. It doesn’t happen overnight,” he says. “I may have a good few years in me but it’s still not out of me. You still have to work consistently. Every moment of the day you have to work because your demons always — that’s who you are.”

Image courtesy of ABC.

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