August 21, 2014

Methtacular! opens in Chicago

There are nearly as many ways to find closure with addiction as there are addicts. Writing a musical and taking it on the road is certainly one of the more unusual methods, but it worked for Steven Strafford, the writer of “Methtacular!” which opens in Chicago today.

The musical details Stafford’s three years as a crystal meth addict in Chicago’s seedy underbelly. And although the topic is serious, the show isn’t.

“My belief is that you can’t talk about such a heavy subject without comedy,” Stafford said. “So, I make sure to always keep the audience shifting between brutal honesty and wry observations. I think this allows the audience to feel safe coming down into the depths of depravity with me. (I like to think of myself as Virgil in Dante’s Inferno.) My goal with this piece is simple: I think if someone watches a show where someone can talk about a really dark period of his life with humor and grace, maybe they will be more willing to be honest about their own secrets.”

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