January 19, 2012

Jeff Hardy opens up on addiction

TNA wrestler Jeff Hardy has a newfound perspective after his battle with drugs and jail, and he wants to share it.  

“It’s easy to do,” Hardy told Miami Herald in an interview. “It’s easy to get addicted, but if you never start, you’ll never have to stop. That’s the best advice I can give anybody. I’m back to a place now where I was before, where I don’t need a pill to go paint a canvas. That’s my new fix is doing it again. It took a while to get there, but I’m here, and I’m a father now as well. That’s another huge inspiration in my life.”
Hardy and wife, Britt, have a 15-month-old daughter.
“I really believe that people learn from examples and through problems themselves,” he said. “OK, my brother [Matt] and myself, for example, we never drank. We never did drugs. Nothing. I was 21, 22, when I started drinking beer, in wrestling, and then it escalated.”
Post a house fire in his native Cameron, N.C., where he lost everything, including his dog, Jack, Hardy faced house arrest for drugs and then went on to serve jail time.
“You look back and you go, ‘Why was I doing what I was doing?’ he added. “It takes a while, but after when you do sober up and months go by, you kind of look back. I was lost.”

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