April 13, 2012

Jamar Rogers channels new energy on ‘The Voice’

For 30-year-old Jamar Rogers, his spot on NBC’s “The Voice,” isn’t just a singing competition, it’s also a comeback in his life.

The New York-based singer opened up that he is a recovering drug addict and HIV-positive. He’s currently six years sober from a debilitating meth addiction. He says when he was in his addiction, he didn’t even care about working on his musical skill or pursuing opportunities that showcased his talent. Now that he’s sober, he’s channeling his new energy into his music and the show.

Rogers calls himself a “rock-soul guy” and recently his performance of Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way” won him praise from the judges, and the biggest round of applause from the crowd during that round of performances. Judge Adam Levine said Rogers’ rendition embodied what “The Voice” is all about.

Click here to watch Rogers’ performance.

Rogers said that time he was getting high was all just a blur, and a complete waste of his talent when he could have been pursuing leads in the music industry. But, he’s trying to make up for it now that he’s in recovery.

“I’m living my best life now. I’m living my best days now,” Rogers says. “And I’m living proof that man, you can always turn it around—you can always turn it around.”

Rogers writes a blog for “The Voice” on NBC.com for fans to keep up with him. In his most recent blog post, he says the best part of being on the show has been the human connections he’s made.

“I've met people I wouldn't have otherwise met and that's what it's truly all about.”

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