March 7, 2012

It’s a Brad, Brad World, even sober

The world got to know Brad Goreski on Bravo’s reality show The Rachel Zoe Project, as the popular, bow-tie wearing assistant to the celebrity stylist. Since leaving the side of stylist Rachel Zoe to enter the fashion world on his own, Goreski now has his own Bravo reality spin-off, It’s a Brad, Brad World, and a new book.

But Goreski’s new book, Born to Be Brad, details more than just fashion and style. It also digs deep into the 34-year-old’s life and struggles. One of those struggles includes his past dark days dealing with cocaine addiction and substance abuse.

He recently discussed opening up about his past with Entertainment Weekly and the nervousness he felt in letting the public in on his addiction and recovery.

Goreski says he scaled his addiction back a lot in Born to Be Brad because he didn’t want it to be a “skeleton in the closet,” but he’s proud of his sobriety. In the interview with EW, he explained that even mentioning his struggles on Bravo has helped others going through similar experiences with their recovery process. Goreski gets responses from fans who say they have been helped by his story. He also views his sobriety as a new chapter in his life that started his healing process.

“Who knows what the next 20, 25 years, 30 years or whatever will bring me? It was important for me to let people know that I’d been through that and have successfully, day by day for 10 years, have made it through and built this life that I never, ever thought imaginable,” Goreski told EW.

In addition to part memoir, also in Born to be Brad, Goreski shares his fashion advice, style tips and tricks to help everyone look their best.

For more of the EW interview in which Goreski talks his history with celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and growing up in small-town Canada, click here.


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