September 20, 2012

How to take part in the ‘Hope For Recovery’ webinar

Posted Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012 part of The Medicine Abuse Project, The Partnership at and A&E Networks will host a webinar next week focused on recovery from medicine abuse.

The webinar is scheduled for noon EST Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012. It will take place at The Newseum in Washington, D.C., and featured panelists from the addiction and recovery community.

Panelists include the following: Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP); Jeff VanVonderen, an Interventionist from A&E’s hit television reality show Intervention; Dr. Bertha Madras, PhD Professor of Pyschobiology, Chair of the Division of Neurochemistry and Associate Director for Public Education in the Division of Addictions, Harvard Medical School; and Sofia, a young adult in recovery who will share her personal story of teen medicine abuse.

Click here Sept. 27 during the webinar time to join.

According to The Partnership, research shows that parents are not communicating the risks of prescription medicine abuse to their children as often as they talk about street drugs. This is partly because some parents are unaware of the behavior (which wasn’t as prevalent when they were teenagers), and partly because those who are aware of teen medicine abusetend to underestimate the risks, just as teens do.

The Medicine Abuse Project aims to help parents and grandparents, health care providers, community leaders and educators to make a difference and end medicine abuse.

Have a question you would like to see answered during the webinar? Email questions with “Hope for Recovery Webinar” in the subject line, and the panel will answer as many questions as they can (time permitting) during the webinar.



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