January 12, 2013

How stressed are you?

Recognizing your stress is only the first step.

The thing about stress is that it’s largely about perception. What marks a fivealarm stress-fest for one person may be just a bump in the road for another.

How much stress do you have?Here are common stressors for people in recovery. If you are facing one or more of these life events, then you may be under more stress than you recognize.

Experts say talking about these issues with a sober friend, sponsor or counselor is critical to managing stress and lessening its potential impact on your sobriety.

  •  Death of a loved one
  •  Isolation and loneliness
  •  Loss of relationship with a spouse, romantic partner, children or other loved ones
  •  Loss of job and/or difficulty securing employment
  •  Financial difficulties due to previously neglected and mismanaged bills, decreased income, bankruptcy and/or foreclosure
  •  Court dates, probation, jail sentences
  •  Medical issues
  •  Psychological issues, commonly depression and anxiety
  •  Loss of driver’s license
  •  Change in living situation
  •  Time management difficulties surrounding personal, professional and recovery-related endeavors
  •  Repairing relationships that were damaged due to substance use disorder
  •  Fear of relapse
  •  Dealing with the stigma of alcoholism and addiction

Here are some ways to help alleviate and understand stress:

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