November 19, 2013

Have knowledge, still smoking

Smoking kills and we know it, but the smoking addiction continues and globally the tobacco industry is still worth $430 billion.

That's according to a recent story in The Guardian Exptress. In fact, the story says, smoking steals 10 years from a life. And yet, researchers have found that people have reported that they continue to smoke because they say, it's fun.

(Why let cancer get in the way of fun?)

“A cigarette welded to the hand has become an inch of companionship for life, as smokers state that smoking is like being with a friend,” writer Melissa McDonald poses. . “It is also clear that smoking brings people together as is so often seen through the discussions of a delegated smoking area. This means that smoking has also become associated with personal memories.”

Personal memories, indeed. But fewer, perhaps.

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