March 26, 2012

From addict to athlete in recovery

For a group in Utah, solidarity toward a better life in recovery comes in the form of athletic training, playing basketball, softball, running and other sports. They are erasing old habits, replacing them with healthy ones and supportive people.

Addict II Athlete is a community group run by the Utah County Department of Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment. According to the Daily Herald, the program was founded roughly a year ago by Blu Robinson of Utah who’s been sober for 16 years.

Robinson says fitness has been instrumental in his own personal recovery process.

The mission of Addict II Athlete is to establish and maintain sobriety by promoting lifestyle changes through erasing addiction and replacing it with health and fitness. Made up of friends, peers and family members with one thing in common — addiction — everyone works toward the goal of bettering themselves in recovery.

According to Addict II Athlete’s website, many in the program were told there was no hope for them. The group hopes to show that change is possible and alter the public’s viewpoint on addiction and recovery.

“We are here to put addiction and recovery in the front of everyone’s minds and to literally redefine who we are as producers and creators of something bigger than ourselves,” it says.

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Robinson told the Daily Herald that the group has grown in the past year to include more than 100 people. Members have even started a bowling league, basketball team and are putting together a softball team.

Read the full Daily Herald article here.

“The goal is to turn the mess of addiction into the message of recovery,” Robinson says on the Addict II Athlete website, “and start cheering for ‘us’ once again.”

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