March 2, 2013

Former Yankees pitcher says alcohol led to his troubles

Scott Proctor, the right-handed relief pitcher  whose baseball career tanked after his 2006 season  with the Yankees, has said that it was his alcohol abuse, not problems with the team, that led to his downfall, according to a report from the New York Daily News.

Proctor, who is signed with the San Francisco Giants on a minor-league deal,  said a serious drinking problem  led to his struggles to stay healthy and succeed as a major league pitcher.

Proctor, 36, threw 102 1/3 innings in a league-high 83 appearances during the 2006 season , which remains  the last time a major league reliever threw 100 innings. After his 2007 season, which he appeared in 83 games with the Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers, Proctor began having issues with his arm, eventually leading to Tommy John surgery in 2009.

But while that was all happening, Proctor says he had a “serious drinking problem,” and would not stop unless he ran out of alcohol or passed out.

“I think some things that happened and some poor choices on how I lived my life led to it more than anything,” according to the Daily News.



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